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Grand Room and Family Room
Interior Design and Remodel

We hired Elinor Jones to help decorate our grand room and dining room.  After dealing with Elinor on almost a daily basis for several months, we would gladly work with Elinor again- and in fact intend to do so—and would enthusiastically recommend Elinor for any interior design project.
It was evident from her design plan proposals that Elinor really listened to us and seemed to understand precisely what we were looking for in a design.  She was able to design the spaces not only to match our tastes, but to fit appropriately into our family’s lifestyle.  After working with Elinor for awhile, we began to rely more and more on her instincts, considering suggestions that we would probably not have otherwise entertained.  Elinor’s impeccable sense of style never disappointed us.

As impressive as are her designing talents, Elinor’s organizational skills cannot be overlooked.  To complete our project in a timely manner, Elinor was required to work closely with and coordinate the activities of countless electricians, lighting consultants, painters, faux painters, carpenters and marble fabricators, so that every step of the project was completed in its proper sequence.  It is normally a difficult process to get anybody to show up on time, but Elinor got everybody to show up on time, and she seemed to do so with uncanny ease.

Elinor was also extremely easy to work with and made our experience with her a pleasure every step of the way.  She constantly kept us informed on the status of the project, communicating with us by email and phone, when we were unable to meet in person.  At all times, Elinor demonstrated to us that our project was important to her, and she treated the project as if it were being done for her own house.  As a result, if we were not completely satisfied with any phase of the project, she would not rest until we were.
We could go on and on about our experience with Elinor, but the bottom line is that we consider ourselves very fortunate to have had an opportunity to work with someone as talented and professional as Elinor.  Our grand room and dining room are more beautiful than we could ever have imagined.  We truly believe that anyone needing design services would be lucky to have Elinor on the job, and we are looking forward to working with Elinor on our next design project. 

RKM, Sandy Springs

Real Estate Staging  Redesign

As  a real estate agent, I had a listing and asked Elinor for a staging consultation prior to putting the house on the market.  She selected the perfect paint colors and made recommendations on furniture placement and editing  to streamline the appearance of the house.  With these changes, the house was refreshed and ready to be photographed and listed. It is always a pleasure to work with Elinor.  

Lesa Bell, Harry Norman, Realtors

New House Interior Design

I have worked with Elinor Jones, ASID, since 1999, when we purchased our first house.  She came highly recommended to us by our realtor as a superb designer, who is exceptionally competent and a pleasure to work with.

Elinor has successfully tackled all aspects of design for our house, including assistance with interior and exterior painting, selection of rugs and carpets, window treatments, lighting, furniture and accessories.  I quickly noticed her keen attention to detail, such as the type of fabric, design, and shade, bringing them all together to create a wonderful rich color scheme for each room with an exquisite result. 
Elinor’s knowledge base about furniture is outstanding.  She is exceptionally well-versed on the history, design, and functionality of each piece.  She has a talent for selecting just the right piece of furniture that is unique yet very functional and comfortable. 

Additionally, Elinor designed my husband’s office beautifully.  He was so pleased that she was able to find exactly what he needed and wanted in an office relative to his personal style.

Over the years I have truly enjoyed working with Elinor.  She has the art of making a house a home.  I enthusiastically recommend her as an exceptionally competent and talented interior designer.  I look forward to many more years of working with her. 

Dr. GDR , Brookhaven

Total Renovation and Interior Design

My husband and I embarked on a renovation project: moving into a twenty-plus year old house and totally changing its character.  We had wanted this house for several years and were excited about realizing the potential we had seen on earlier visits.  Excited though we were, I knew that I had neither the expertise nor the energy to see a project of this size through without professional help.

A close friend recommended that I contact Elinor as she felt that the two of had similar tastes and that we would enjoy working together.  Elinor and I did meet and immediately began working closely on what turned into a year and a half project. 

From the beginning, I felt that Elinor understood what I wanted, not only in choice of colors and fabrics, but in the overall mood for the house.  As a result, I did not have to waste time sorting through unsuitable choices.  She helped in everything from fabrics to furniture placement, utilizing a sure design eye.  She also had to deal with my contractor’s subs as well as her own network of suppliers. 

Perhaps I value Elinor as much for her equanimity during some stressful times as for her sure hand in guiding me through the process, for her graciousness in dealing with my changes of mind and my husband’s opinions and her continuing interest in the house.
The result is a lovely home—just what I had envisioned and what my husband loves as well.  He has even said that sometimes he considers that it might be a sin to enjoy a house so much.  We are truly grateful for Elinor’s help and expertise and certainly recommend her services to anyone we know. 

BSK, Atlanta

Kitchen and Family Room Remodel

Elinor Jones did a wonderful job helping me plan and decorate during the remodeling of our family room and kitchen.  She was very good at envisioning the finished product and in guiding me through the process. I found her color and fabric advice to be excellent and always felt confident in her recommendations and choices.

MTT, Decatur

Second Story Remodel and Redesign

I have known Elinor for many years, but only began working with her in the early spring of 2008.  I had recently been a visitor to her home, had seen the way she had decorated their newly renovated second story and decided that her taste and mine would probably mesh well.  We were in the planning stages of a complete renovation of our second story bedrooms, baths, office and closet space.  I was impressed that at our first official meeting, Elinor “interviewed” me, asking me questions about how we live in our home, what rooms we use most, what our likes and dislikes were, things we would like to change and those we wouldn’t, etc. to better get to know us.

At the risk of sounding critical, Elinor was relentless in scheduling visits to various suppliers of materials, lighting, fixtures, fabrics and so on.  I could hardly believe we needed to choose all of those things with construction three months off, but I soon learned that the delays inherent in the process, even when we’d made a choice, served only to drag on construction, frustrate our contractor and cause domestic discord.  So she was wise to push me along as she did.  We had lots of decisions to make and Elinor always came to my house with innumerable choices in fabrics and carpet; she helped me with coordinating lighting fixtures, paint colors---really everything we needed to have ready when the work began. 

Since then she has helped me put finishing touches in the renovated rooms, scouting for furniture and decorative items that were reasonably priced and referring me to good people whose specialties included furniture painting, electronics wiring, drapery installation and others.  She is extremely knowledgeable about every facet of interior design and takes into account issues which would never have occurred to me.

We continue to work together, tweaking rooms throughout the house.  One of Elinor’s most valuable traits is that where our personal choices may differ, she seems never to be offended and I feel free to be candid about what appeals to me or doesn’t.  Moreover, she is aware of the fact that we do not have unlimited resources and seeks always to find good quality and good value.  I look forward to many years of working with Elinor.

SHA, Ansley Park

Living Room and Dining Room Design

Dear Elinor,

Thank you so much for all of your help with our dining and living rooms.  They turned out better than we ever could have imagined!  We never would have been able to make the rooms look that good without your help. 

My husband also loves the way everything turned out as well.  Of course, I’m sure you noticed his new TV—he said he was buying his new TV instead of me getting the serving piece for the dining room.  Oh well—maybe later this year.

Thank you again and hope to see you soon!

JES, Smyrna

Floor Plan and Interior Design for a New House

Elinor Jones has been a wonderful help to us in decorating and getting settled in our new home.

She drew up floor plans to instruct the movers where the furniture should be placed and helped us pick out colors when we repainted the interior.  She designed four floor plans for my husband to choose from for his home office.   

Elinor also helped us find beautiful furniture and upholstery fabrics for our living room and helped us accessorize.  She designed window treatments and chair cushions for our breakfast room as well.

We would highly recommend her as a professional designer who is intelligent, artistic, flexible and has a good sense of humor.  She has been a delight to work with.

Dr. JSJ, Atlanta

Kitchen Renovation, Basement Renovation and Interior Design Updates

For the past 15 years, Elinor Jones has been my interior designer.  We have worked together on several projects: a complete kitchen renovation, as well as dining room, family room, master bedroom, and guest bedroom redesign. 
When it came time to convert the basement into a recreation and entertaining area, I knew I could count on Elinor for creative ideas.  Rugs, fabrics, art for the walls, a pool room and a catering kitchen were part of the project.  Elinor even found a contractor, who was very dependable. 
I enjoy working with Elinor and look forward to doing so again soon. 

CC, Atlanta

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